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Mother Arrested For Taking Teenage Daughter’s IPhone 6 Away

23 July, 2020

A mother in Michigan was recently arrested for taking her daughter’s cell phone as a form of punishment.

The entire ordeal was one large miscommunication stemming from the mother’s ex-husband calling the police to tell them she had stolen an iPhone 6 from their daughter.

The father claimed to own the phone, but in actuality, it had been a Christmas gift from the man to the daughter. The mother, Ms. Jodie May, was picked up by police and taken to a holding cell. She was released on a $200 bond shortly after.

Ms. May was charged with misdemeanor larceny and larceny by conversion but maintained that she was just being “a concerned parent” and disciplining her daughter. Upon reviewing the case and speaking with Ms. May’s daughter, the prosecuting attorney dismissed the charges.

However, one is still left wondering how such a ridiculous case could have possibly gone as far as it did.

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Newsweek, James Hetherington, September 21st, 2018


The Juice To Be Let Loose? O.J. Simpson Faces Parole Hearing This Week In Nevada

23 July, 2020

OJ Simpson is reportedly up for parole after nine years in prison for his role in a Las Vegas armed robbery. Simpson, who is 70 years old, could be out as soon as October 1, 2017 if the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners deems him ready. According to close friend Tom Scotto, Simpson’s plan if granted parole is to either move back to Florida and live with Scotto, or to move to Sacramento and live with his sister, Shirley Baker.

Scotto claims that Simpson is “very positive” about his parole chances, and that the former NFL running back still has money despite the $2-3 million in legal fees he faced from the 2008 case.

OJ has also reportedly lost around 70 pounds since his first parole hearing in 2013, and has had no behavioral issues or writeups while incarcerated in the Las Vegas prison. He has also spent his time watching NFL games and coaching softball, and even started a Baptist church within the prison.

Hopefully Simpson’s good behavior continues outside of prison if he is granted parole, as his history with the law is not one to be proud of. If he sticks to playing golf and keeping his head low, maybe he can live out the rest of his life in peace.

That is not to say that Parole is easy. Mr. Simpson would still potentially be monitored, have regular check-ins and could go back to prison if he violates the terms of the parole.

The Law Offices of Steven J Pisani specialize in DUI, traffic, and criminal defense. Call our Denver office today for a free consultation at 303-635-6768.

USA Today Sports, Josh Peter, 7/17/2017


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