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A mother in Michigan was recently arrested for taking her daughter’s cell phone as a form of punishment.

The entire ordeal was one large miscommunication stemming from the mother’s ex-husband calling the police to tell them she had stolen an iPhone 6 from their daughter.

The father claimed to own the phone, but in actuality, it had been a Christmas gift from the man to the daughter. The mother, Ms. Jodie May, was picked up by police and taken to a holding cell. She was released on a $200 bond shortly after.

Ms. May was charged with misdemeanor larceny and larceny by conversion but maintained that she was just being “a concerned parent” and disciplining her daughter. Upon reviewing the case and speaking with Ms. May’s daughter, the prosecuting attorney dismissed the charges.

However, one is still left wondering how such a ridiculous case could have possibly gone as far as it did.

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Newsweek, James Hetherington, September 21st, 2018



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