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Traffic Stop Survival Guide: How to Avoid Escalating the Situation

20 February, 2023
The police can stop you for many reasons. For example, you may be speeding, have ...

How Much Is a Traffic Lawyer in Denver, Colorado?

21 December, 2022
Receiving a traffic ticket is not the end of the world. However, if you are ...

How To Find A Good Denver Traffic Defense Attorney

22 June, 2021
It’s not unusual for motorists to break traffic rules in Colorado. In fact, nearly every ...

Reckless Driving In Colorado: What Is It & How To Fight A Ticket

03 April, 2021
Reckless driving—also known as reckless endangerment— is every bit as dangerous as it sounds. Add ...

Traffic Ticket Laws: How They Work Differently In Colorado

12 February, 2021
No one likes being pulled over by the cops. What’s worse than that? Receiving a ...

Should I Pay or Fight My Traffic Ticket in Colorado?

14 December, 2020
Traffic tickets are common. Statistically speaking, about 1 in 5 Americans received a traffic ticket ...

Thanksgiving Road Trip Safety Tips

18 November, 2020
Do you know that more people travel during the Thanksgiving break during the Christmas holiday? ...

What Should I Do After Getting a Traffic Ticket in Colorado?

11 September, 2020
Getting a traffic ticket in Colorado is not unusual. After all, no driver is perfect ...

Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Sideswiped 15 Mins After Driving Off The Lot!!!

28 July, 2020
Tracy Morgan was sideswiped 15 minutes after driving his brand- new $2.5 million Bugatti off ...

Man Fights Distracted Driving Ticket; Says McDonald’s Hash Brown Was Mistaken For Cell Phone

28 July, 2020
A man in Westport, Connecticut is currently fighting a traffic ticket for distracted driving. His ...

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