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Most Common Drug Arrest in Denver
/ 28 January, 2022

Denver is known for many things: its 300 days of sunshine, the 16th Street Mall, and its high altitude. One thing that often surprises people is that Denver is also home to a significant number of drug arrests. 

This has become a problem because it creates an environment where people are more likely to be convicted of a crime, even if they have not committed one. It also wastes law enforcement’s time and resources when they could be focusing on other issues. 

What does this mean for those charged with a drug crime? How can a drug crime lawyer help? How can you protect yourself if you are accused of a drug crime? Read on to find out.

Common Drug Arrests in Denver

The following types of arrests for allegedly possessing common illicit substances are most common in Denver:

1. Drug Possession Arrests

It is a crime to have any degree or amount of drugs on one’s person. If an officer sees you with even a small amount, he may arrest you for possession. You may also be charged with possession if an officer sees residue in a baggie, pipe, or bong that can be tested and identified as one of these substances. 

Possession charges often come about after a stop by police. Oftentimes Denver Police Department officers will get calls from concerned citizens about individuals suspected of trespassing or loitering in a park or other public place at night. If a suspect is approached by officers and appears nervous, the officer may order a search of their belongings.

2. Possession with Intent To Distribute or Sell

In addition to possessing drugs, an individual may be charged with this offense if they are found with what the police believe to be evidence of an intent to sell or distribute. 

These charges often come from leaving paraphernalia such as baggies, scales, pipes, etc., out in the open and visible and/or if there are large amounts of money present. These types of arrests can result from investigations that last for days and involve many undercover purchases by police officers.

3. Paraphernalia Possession Arrests

This type of drug arrest involves any individual caught using or possessing drug paraphernalia. The definition of drug paraphernalia is broad and may include any items related to the ingestion or storage of an illegal substance. 

If an officer believes that you have items used to ingest, plant, cultivate or store marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or psychedelic mushrooms, he may charge you with this offense even if there are no drugs on your person.

How Can a Drug Crime Lawyer Help You?

Knowledgeable legal advice is critical to ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process. At this time, you might be wondering how a drug crime lawyer could help your situation. The following list provides nine ways that a drug crime lawyer can assist you:

  • A knowledgeable attorney will thoroughly review the evidence against you to identify potential defects that may help you avoid prosecution or win at trial if charges are filed.  
  • An attorney will attempt to negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf. If such an agreement cannot be reached, the attorney will represent you at trial and build a defense using all available evidence. 
  • A drug crime lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected by advocating for a speedy trial or conducting discovery requests to gain access to valuable information in possession of the prosecution team.
  • Your lawyer may be able to have certain evidence or statements suppressed if it is determined that they were not properly obtained by authorities according to legal mandates and procedures. 
  • A drug crime lawyer can negotiate for more lenient punishment if there is enough evidence against you to establish guilt, but your cooperation in ongoing investigations would warrant it.

Pisani Law Can Help You Today

When you’re facing an uphill battle against some of the toughest laws in this country, make sure to get an experienced Denver drug crime lawyer on your team who knows what they’re doing and will use their experience and knowledge to work in your favor. If you want the best possible chance of keeping your record clean, then look no further than Pisani Law. 

We have been fighting for our clients at every turn from our office in Denver. In that time, we’ve garnered a reputation as one of the premier drug crime law firms operating today. Not only will you receive unmatched representation when you choose us, but you’ll also benefit from our collective experience.

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Is There a Statute of Limitations for a Denver DUI?
/ 24 January, 2022

The statute of limitations is a common phrase heard in the legal community. While it is commonly used for personal injury cases and in crimes like theft and murder, you may wonder – does it apply to DUI cases, too?

While the answer may surprise you, it’s “yes.” However, some factors will impact how long the statute of limitations is. Keep reading to learn more about this. 

Remember, if you are ever charged with a DUI in Denver, it’s in your best interest to contact a Denver DUI defense attorney right away. 

Misdemeanor DUIs in Denver

A misdemeanor charge occurs if you operate your vehicle with a BAC of 0.08%. It does not matter if you are impaired. The prosecution has 18 months to file charges for a misdemeanor DUI charge. 

If you are charged and found guilty of this crime (as a first-time offender), you may face up to 12 months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. Your driver’s license can be suspended for up to nine months and required to complete 96 hours of community service. 

Felony DUIs in Denver  

If you have three prior DUIs or are involved in a DUI that injured another person, you are charged with a felony DUI. Prosecutors have three years from the date of the incident to file this charge. If someone died in the incident, the time period increases to five years. 

Individuals who get a fourth DUI will face a Class 4 felony, which carries up to six years in jail. Any DUI that results in serious injuries to someone is also a Class 4 felony and carries the same six years in jail and up to $500K in fines. 

DUI cases that result in the death of someone are charged as Class 3 felonies. If you are found guilty, you may face up to 12 years in prison and have to pay fines of up to $750K. 

Contact a Denver DUI Attorney for Help

If you face DUI charges in Denver, it is best to call an attorney for help. They can review the facts of your case and work to help have the charges reduced or eliminated completely. While there are no guarantees about the case’s outcome, having an attorney will be an invaluable resource, especially if you have no prior experience with the court system. 

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