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5 Questions to Ask Your Denver Criminal Lawyer
/ 01 December, 2021

How bad is the crime situation in Denver, CO? Let’s look at the numbers.

The city has robbery and vandalism rates of about 4%, according to the Denver Post. The same statistics show that violent crimes also occur in Denver. Less common are sexual and hate crimes, accounting for less than 1% each.

Indeed, you may not commit any of these crimes. On the other hand, if you have, then you will want a Denver criminal lawyer in your corner as you fight charges and jail time.

Hiring a lawyer is not cheap. As well, hiring the wrong one will land you in jail or cause you to pay hefty amounts in compensation. In short, hiring a Denver criminal lawyer is not a decision you should take lightly.

To determine whether or not your Denver criminal lawyer is worth working with, you need to screen them. You can conduct your screening process by asking these five questions:

1. “Have You Handled Cases That Are Like Mine?”

Asking question will help you establish your attorney’s experience in handling your criminal case. You will want an attorney that has more than just seen a case like yours. Choose an attorney that has a proven track record succeeding in cases similar to yours.

An attorney worth your time and investment should also not hesitate to show you proof of his or her success rates in court.

2. “How Long Have You Been a Denver Criminal Lawyer?”

Experience is crucial in many endeavors and professions. In no other profession is this truer than in criminal law.

You need to gain insight into the level of expertise your criminal lawyer has. Of course, expertise is only part of the equation. How long the lawyer has been in practice is an indicator of efficiency and potential success in handling your case.

Being in the business for a long time brings with it a network. By asking this question, you can also determine if your attorney has connections to leverage for the success of your case.

3. “What is Your Track Record/Success Rate?”

Ideally, you want to probe further about success rates in cases that are similar to yours. Granted, no Denver criminal lawyer will have a 100% success rate in handling cases and trials. What you want is a Denver criminal lawyer whose success rate is above 80%.

A success rate can mean one of two things. It is either the ratio between successful defenses or trials and losses. It can also be the ratio of cases that go to trial vs the ones that do not. This brings us to the next question.

4. “Do Most of Your Cases Go to Trial?”

A criminal case that goes to trial can be:

  • Drawn out
  • Expensive
  • A humiliating and unnerving experience

While a criminal defense lawyer has the know-how to go about trial proceedings, trials are not for the faint at heart. If your lawyer’s cases go to trial most of the time, you may want to find another.

The best criminal lawyers are separated from decent ones by the percentage of cases they settle with plea bargains and other extrajudicial means. Choose a lawyer with the expertise to take apart the circumstances of your case and negotiate without having to go to trial.

5. “What Have Your Past Clients Said About You?”

As someone who is seeking a service (in this case, legal representation), you are entitled to seeing reviews. Client testimonials can reassure you that the lawyer you are dealing with has indeed helped clients in the past.

Reading testimonials can also give you insight into other qualities of an attorney that go beyond credentials and track records.

Hire a Denver Criminal Lawyer that Ticks All Your Boxes

Hiring a lawyer is serious business. You need the right one who can advocate on your behalf and handle your case with expertise and care.

Are you in search of a criminal lawyer in Denver? Do not hesitate to reach out to us now.



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