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The Denver criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Steven J. Pisani understand that mistakes happen in life and our focus is to help good people through tough times. Our team will aggressively work your case and defend your rights to help protect your future and your freedom. From felony crime arrests, DUI arrest to a speeding ticket our criminal defense team will fight for you.

If you have been arrested or even question by police in Colorado call our office today for a free consultation. Attorney Pisani will review your case and discuss your options. Don’t go this alone, give us a call today.


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The Law Office of Steven J. Pisani serves all of Colorado from our office in Denver. We have handle thousands of cases in the Colorado legal system and understand the courts, the people and the most effective process for each case we handle.

Our criminal defense lawyers will always fight for the best result. We have a decade of experience in criminal defense, DUI and traffic cases and know what it takes to win a case. Don’t take a risk with your future call an experienced criminal defense lawyer today.


An Experienced Defense Attorney

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Meet Steven J Pisani

A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Steven J. Pisani is an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer that is passionate about the law and defending the rights of the people of Denver. Attorney Pisani has broken his practice area focus down to three areas Criminal Defense, DUI defense and Traffic and Ticket Defense and has handled thousand of cases successfully. The result of that focus is a deep understanding of the Colorado Court systems, from the municipal courts to the district courts.

Attorney Pisani and his team understand that most people are overwhelmed by Colorado’s complex legal system. Our process is simple but effective. We always start by listening to our clients, completing a through evaluation of the case and creating a course of action to reach the outcome of client is looking for.

What Our Clients Say

Defending Clients in Denver and Throughout Colorado

I recommend Denver

Mr. A

Mr. Pisani was incredibly helpful throughout my DUI process. As a first time offender, he was very helpful in keeping me calm and giving me ..

Trial Results

John R.

I had trial last week with Steve as my criminal defense lawyer. The case was continued before several times and I have never been in ..

Knows his stuff

John R. on

Steven help me with a case of speed exhibition and a speeding ticket. In the first plea bargain they offered a reducing from 9 points ..

Traffic Ticket Defense


Steve took my case one day before I was to appear for trial. He was on-time, very professional and explained all of my options before ..

He beat my

Nik B

I went to Attorney Pisani because the cops arrested me for DUI but I wasn’t drunk. I found him when I went to my alcohol ..

Great Communication and

John R.

I hired Steven to represent me in a traffic violation incident. He was very professional, walked me through all possible scenarios, and assured me with ..

Professional and Kind:


I highly recommend Steven, he is straight forward from beginning to end. He gave me his time and support in court. He listens to your ..

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