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Few people want a criminal record. But it is not uncommon to make a bad decision and land yourself on the wrong side of the law, thereby messing with the criminal justice system.

Even a small arrest or conviction can balloon into a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life. However, several ways exist that can wipe the slate clean and have your criminal records expunged or completely sealed. But whether a criminal record can be wiped clean depends mainly on the state in which the record exists and Colorado’s criteria for eligibility.

Get in touch with a reputable Colorado defense attorney, Steven J. Pisani of Pisani Law, to learn how you can have your criminal records sealed.

Sealing vs. Expungement

The sealing of criminal records is an indication that an arrest or conviction of an offender has been cleared. If your record is sealed, technically, it means that the public cannot access it. However, sealed records can still be “opened afresh” using a court order.

On the other hand, expungement is the process of clearing an arrest or conviction from your criminal record. It is important to note that Colorado law allows expungement only for juvenile offenses and underage drinking and driving convictions.

Minimum Requirements for Sealing of Criminal Records

In Colorado, you can file a petition to have your criminal record sealed if:

  • You complete deferred adjudication probation for the committed offense.
  • Your charge has been dismissed, and you have been discharged from probation.
  • Your waiting period has been observed. The waiting period is usually five years for felonies from the date of discharge.

The Benefits of Having Your Criminal Records Sealed

1. Employment

You probably know that over 80 percent of employers conduct background checks on their job applicants.

One of the reasons our clients contact us at Pisani Law is because they are having trouble getting hired, and they need their criminal records sealed or expunged so they can confidently state that they have never been convicted of a crime.

If you are in Colorado and plan to have your criminal records sealed, we recommend that you visit our Denver office to learn how we can help you remove your criminal record.

Even if you are already employed, it’s important to keep in mind that change in investable – new management may come in or the company policy may be revised. In such cases, it might be necessary to run a background check on all current employees. So, do the right thing and get your records sealed or expunged as soon as possible.

2. Buying an Apartment

The law mandates Colorado property owners to conduct a background search on their potential apartment buyers or tenants. If your record shows up as having been convicted or arrested, you could be denied an apartment or tenancy.

Landlords will readily see you as a potential threat and could even charge higher price or rent, ask for a larger deposit, or refuse to rent you the place.

3. Restoring Your Gun Right

If your records are sealed or expunged in Colorado, you can have your gun right reinstated. Sealing your records treats your conviction as though it never existed. And if you have never been convicted of a felony, then your gun rights are automatically restored.

4. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your criminal record is sealed brings satisfaction and relief to many. You can now apply for employment and rent or buy places to live as you know you don’t have a dark past hanging over your neck. You no longer have to lie to your friends, family, or colleagues.

5. Citizenship Benefits

If you are looking for a green card or applying for US citizenship, chances are you will be asked about having been arrested or convicted of a crime. If your records are sealed or expunged, then you stand a better chance of becoming a US citizen.

A New Law Makes It Easier and Possible to Seal Criminal Records

Since the new bill, House Bill 1275, came into force in 2019, laws regarding sealing of criminal records have dramatically changed and expanded. It has now been made possible to clear many types of criminal records that could not have been easy to seal and expunge before.

Some of the criminal records that can now be sealed in Colorado include:

  • Petty offense convictions: You can apply to have your record sealed or expunged if you were convicted of a petty offense, such as a petty drug or municipal offense.
  • Dismissals or deferred judgment: You can also apply to have your criminal records sealed if you were arrested for an alleged crime, and the charges were dismissed, never filed, or if you were found guilty in a trial.

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