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Denver Careless Driving Charges Defense Attorney

These days, people spend a significant amount of time in their cars. That means it is not unusual for those behind the wheel to cause accidents on the roads as they think about other stuff, ranging from marriage, finances, or employment while driving.

If you have been charged with careless driving in Colorado, Steven J. Pisani is ready to help. He is a competent criminal defense attorney committed to defending the rights of those accused of or arrested for careless driving in Denver and all of Colorado. Talk to a careless driving attorney denver today to understand your charges and learn how you can navigate your situation.

What is Careless Driving

According to CRS 42-4-1402, careless driving refers to operating a vehicle, low-powered scooter, or electric-assisted bicycle without proper regard for the width, curves, grade, traffic, corners, or use of the highways and streets.

Textbook examples of careless driving may include speeding during bad weather, eating while driving, colliding with another car or property due to negligent or distracted driving.

Careless Driving Legal Defenses

In careless driving cases, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. That means the prosecutor must prove careless driving beyond a reasonable doubt. The good thing is that facing careless driving charges in Colorado does not deprive you of the right to defend yourself.  You may use any of the following defense strategies when faced with careless driving charges:

  • You were not the one driving: You may argue that this is a case of mistaken identity. That means if another person was driving your vehicle, you cannot be convicted for careless driving.
  • You were driving but not carelessly: In your defense, you may also argue that you were safely driving the motor vehicle.
  • You drive carelessly, but it did not cause harm to another person: Another possible defense argument to help you avoid charges is proving that the other person’s injuries resulted from something else or an underlying issue. Careless driving is usually more severe if it results in another person’s injury.

No matter what defense argument you want to use, a competent careless driving defense lawyer is the best person to fight your charges. He will assess the circumstances of your case accurately and provide a winning defense to help you avoid severe penalties.

Careless Driving That Does Not Cause Another Person’s Death or Bodily Injury

A careless driving charge without death or bodily injury of someone else is moderately serious. Not only is it a Class 2 misdemeanor under traffic offenses, but a conviction can lead to a $150 to $300 in fines, court costs, and surcharges plus.

In other instances, a conviction can also result in a possible jail sentence lasting 10 to 90 days, probation for at least one year, community service, restitution, and addition of 4 points to the driving license. A careless driving charge can affect your car insurance premium rates for years ahead.

Careless Driving Leading to Death or Bodily Injury of Another Person

A careless driving charge in which the driver’s actions lead to the death or bodily injury of another individual is usually serious. It falls under class 1 traffic offense misdemeanors, and the conviction can cause a fine of between $300 and $1,000 in addition to court-related costs and surcharges.

The other possible consequences may include a jail sentence of between 10 days and one year, community service, probation for at least a year, restitution, and other requirements as directed by the court.

Additionally, 4 points may be added to the defendant’s driver’s license for injuring someone else and 12 points for causing death. Sometimes, the violation may impact your car insurance coverage or even premium rates for years.

While penalties are typically more severe, Colorado individuals facing careless driving charges have a right to hire a careless driving lawyer to protect their rights. Call the Law Offices of careless or reckless driving attorney Steven J. Pisani to learn how best we can help.

Why You Need a Defense Lawyer

Careless driving charges might resemble the normal traffic tickets, but the truth is they have severe consequences. The police can bring charges even when there’s no evidence of negligence in careless driving cases.

If you or someone you love is facing a careless driving charge in Colorado, it’s vital to seek help from a qualified defense attorney. Several options may be available for you to resolve the situation. That’s why you need an experienced defense attorney to explore those options and defend you aggressively.

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