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The Denver Post recently ran background checks for all of the Colorado Statehouse Candidates for Colorado’s General Assembly.

Certain Colorado criminal records can be sealed, While many of the candidates do not have criminal records in Colorado, some of the backgrounds might surprise you.

For example, the Post reports the following case histories, such as a candidates 1971 arrest on charges of dangerous drug possession. The charges were eventually dismissed by the court, but the candidate never opted to seal his criminal record. Another surprising background was for an arrest on Misdemeanor Assault charges more than 20 years ago on another candidate.

Similar to the other candidate, charges were dropped, yet her record has not been sealed. This seems to be a pattern with several of the candidates,  some have charges of harassment were dismissed in 2003; or charges of petty Shoplifting that were dropped in 2000.

One would think that those running for the General Assembly would want to look as squeaky clean as possible and hire a lawyer for Sealing Criminal Records Colorado, especially given the amount of public scrutiny one faces in such a government position.

It seems strange that these candidates, as well as plenty of others, chose not to seal their records and prevent any of their youthful transgressions from being seen. Hopefully, this does not affect any candidate’s position amongst voters, although one could easily see how it might.

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Colorado Statehouse Candidates Denver Post, Jackson Barnett, October 23rd, 2018 



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