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Crime is up in Denver. Data from police departments across the city reveal an increase in arrests in nearly every category. Assaults, car theft, and other crimes have risen. The Denver Police Department sees tens of thousands of crimes annually. Here is a breakdown of the most common arrests in Denver based on recent reports. 

1. DUI and other drug-related crimes

In 2018, Denver’s police department saw 1,453 DUI-related cases and 3,780 narcotics-related violations. The most prevalent arrestee age for narcotics violations and DUI crimes was 25 to 34. Also, arrestees aged 18-24 were the second most prevalent for DUI offenses, and arrestees aged 35-44 were second most prevalent for narcotics-related violations. 

Out of all the 3,780 narcotics-related violations, concealing and/or possessing was the most common crime, at 81.8% of all the cases in that category. Selling and/or distribution of drugs was the second most common crime in this category, at 14% of the 3,780 narcotics violations. 

Other arrests in Denver such as the consumption of drugs, manufacturing, cultivating, transportation, and importation of these drugs varied from 1% to 2% of the arrests made. Narcotics such as heroin and opium were the most common type of drugs, sized at 44.6 % of the reported cases. Stimulants ranked the second common type of drugs at 40.4 percent, and marijuana was also involved at 7.9% of all the arrests made. Hallucinogens and other related drugs varied from 1% and 2% of all cases. 

2. Violent crimes 

Generally, violent crimes include cases of non-consensual sex crimes, murder, robbery, and aggravated assault. In 2018, Denver reported 5,802 cases involving violent crimes. Assault was the most common crime, with 3,314 reported cases. The reported cases of non-consensual sex offenses were 1,200, and the cases of robberies were 1,200. 

Violent crime arrests in Denver and most of their victims were often aged 25-34. The victims of the crimes either didn’t know the offender or they were acquaintances. Also, the most violent crimes involved with personal weapons, including teeth, feet, hands, and fists. However, at least 1,500 reported cases of violent crimes involved firearms. 

3. Hate crimes 

According to the FBI, hate crime is a criminal offense against property or entity motivated entirely or partly by the offender’s bias against a religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, ethnicity, or gender identity. In 2018, 28 cases of hate crimes were reported. Ethnicity, ancestry bias, and race were the most common offenses, affecting 12 different victims.

Offenses linked to sexual orientation ranked second, while religious bias, gender identity bias, and disability bias had two, three, and one victim, respectively. Most of these crimes occurred in camps, roads, and parking lots. Other places where these offenses occurred include educational facilities, commercial locations, and residential areas. Most victims were subjected to intimidation and aggravated assault. 

4. Vehicle theft and property crimes

Property crimes are incidents in which an offender intends to acquire property, money, or other benefits. Some of these crimes include burglary, robbery, or bribery. These crimes were the most common type of crime across the entire city in 2018. They include;

  • Theft (Larceny): 17,580 cases
  • Burglary: 4,014 cases
  • Vehicle theft: 5,378 cases
  • Robbery: 1,218 cases
  • Fraud: 1,412 cases

If you or someone you know was arrested in Denver for any offenses, talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Steven J. Pisani. Either way. The law is a complicated field, and nothing is ever straightforward, and you need a defense attorney to show you the way. 


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