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Domestic violence cases occur when individuals in an intimate relationship become violent with one another.  While these cases are usually between romantic partners, they can also occur between people living in the same home.

If you are accused of domestic violence in Denver, you may wonder what legal options you have. At the Law Offices of Stephen J. Pisani, our legal team can help you understand your rights and help you build a strong defense. Learn more about these charges and our role in your case here.

Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

According to the Colorado Revised Statutes, domestic violence refers to an act or threatened act of violence upon a person with whom the aggressor has been involved in an intimate relationship. It also pertains to crimes against property, including animal abuse, used as coercion, control, punishment, intimidation, or revenge directed against a person in an intimate relationship with the aggressor (C.R.S. §18-6-800.3).

The Colorado domestic violence laws further detail that an intimate relationship is between spouses, former spouses, past or present unmarried couples, or parents of the same child, irrespective of marital status (C.R.S. §18-6-800.3).

Understanding Mandatory Arrest Laws

The mandatory arrest provision is important to understand when reviewing Colorado domestic violence laws. This provision dictates that if a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe domestic violence has occurred, the officer must arrest the suspect without a warrant (C.R.S. §18-6-803.6).

Common Domestic Violence Charges in Denver

Domestic violence is more common than some people realize in Colorado. While each case is unique, some charges are more common than others. Learn more about common domestic violence charges in Denver here.

Assault and Battery

A prominent charge that a domestic violence attorney in Denver often contends with is assault and battery. These charges are leveled when an individual knowingly or recklessly causes bodily harm to their intimate partner. The severity of the charges can vary, but an attorney’s expertise can help determine the specifics of each case.


Harassment is another charge frequently encountered in Colorado domestic violence laws. Harassment might encompass many behaviors, including stalking, cyberbullying, and relentless phone calls. The severity and nature of harassment can vary, making the role of an experienced attorney crucial in these cases.

Child Abuse

Unfortunately, child abuse is also a common domestic violence charge in Denver. These cases are incredibly sensitive, and having a proficient domestic violence attorney in Denver can be a significant asset in ensuring that all parties’ rights are upheld.

Navigating False Accusations

It’s also not uncommon to face false accusations in domestic violence cases. An attorney can be your ally in establishing the truth, guiding you through the rigorous process to safeguard your reputation and personal life.

Seeking a Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver

Finding the right domestic violence attorney in Denver can safeguard against the complexity of the legal process you must endure during domestic violence cases. The law offices of Stephen J. Pisani have an impressive track record of providing representation to individuals in these situations. The law firm brings quite a bit, including expertise, experience, and a full understanding of the local legal landscape.

Why You Need a Legal Representative

The repercussions of a domestic violence charge can be vast and long-lasting, affecting various aspects of an individual’s life, including personal relationships, employment opportunities, and housing arrangements. An experienced domestic violence attorney in Denver can help navigate the potential repercussions diligently and professionally.

The Protective Orders in Denver

An essential element within the Colorado domestic violence laws is the protection order, sometimes called a restraining order. This legal document, issued by a court, stipulates the conditions the accused must adhere to, often involving staying away from the victim and avoiding contact.

Obtaining a Protective Order

Obtaining a protective order is a legal right for victims of domestic violence in Denver. Victims can seek this legal remedy through various avenues, including reporting to law enforcement agencies or directly petitioning the courts.

An experienced domestic violence attorney in Denver can guide individuals in obtaining or defending against a protective order. They can advocate for you and ensure all legal steps are followed.

Defense Strategies for Domestic Violence Cases

A charge associated with domestic violence does not automatically mean you will be convicted. You have the right to seek legal representation and defend yourself in court.

The Law Offices of Stephen J. Pisani specialize in crafting robust defense strategies that align with the nuances of Colorado domestic violence laws. You can feel confident that your attorney will evaluate your case and work to build a defense to protect your rights and freedom.

Some of the most common defense strategies used in domestic violence cases include the following:


One of the potential defense strategies is self-defense. In this approach, it may be argued the defendant’s actions were necessary to respond to an immediate threat of harm.

Lack of Evidence

Often, domestic violence cases hinge significantly on the available evidence. A skilled attorney can argue the lack of sufficient evidence, creating reasonable doubt regarding the accused individual’s guilt.

Understanding Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

Understanding and navigating the Colorado domestic violence laws is a complex process requiring professional guidance and expertise. Whether you seek legal representation or want to understand your rights and legal options, the Law Offices of Stephen J. Pisani stands as a reliable, experienced, and professional ally in Denver.

Remember, you do not have to walk this path alone; reach out to a domestic violence attorney in Denver to guide you through the legal maze, ensuring justice, fairness, and recovery for all involved parties. Our legal team can help you understand your legal rights and options. We can also build a strong defense strategy and aggressively defend your rights and freedoms.


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