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A night out on the town in Denver or anywhere else can be a fun-filled experience. Adding alcohol to the experience may add to the excitement factor, but it can have serious repercussions. This is especially true if you are the designated driver and already have one DUI in your record. 

Drive intoxicated, and you might get your 2nd DUI in Denver. Worse yet, another incidence of driving with a high blood alcohol (BAC) level can spell your 3rd DUI. 

Whether it is the 2nd DUI in Denver or the 3rd, know that the consequences will be more severe than your 1st. Here is what to expect from your 2nd or 3rd DUI in Denver. 

Jail Time for a 2nd DUI in Denver

Jail times are prescribed for first-time offenders in Denver. Depending on the ruling, jail sentences can be five days to one year long. However, few serve jail sentences. First-time offenders often face fines, 24 to 48 hours of community service, and a one-year revocation of their licenses. 

It is a different story for offenders with their 2nd DUI in Denver. In the eyes of the state’s courts, offenders who commit their 2nd and 3rd DUIs in Colorado are considered persistent DUI drivers. Colorado state laws make jail time mandatory for persistent DUI drivers. In other words, if you get your 2nd DUI in Denver, expect to spend some time in jail. 

The length of time you will spend in jail will depend on whether you have committed your 2nd or 3rd DUI. For second-time offenders, jail sentences can be 10 days up to a whole year. In the case of a third DUI conviction, jail sentences are longer. Usually, the sentence runs for 60 days up to a year. 

Community Service for Persistent DUIs

Other than jail time, there are other criminal penalties for 2nd and 3rd DUI convictions. One of these is community service. 

The length of time for rendering community service is the same for second and third-time offenders. According to Nolo, the required hours for community service are 48 to 120 hours. In addition to community service, offenders must pay $120. 

Fines and Penalties

If you are convicted for a second or third DUI, you need to pay a fine. This is on top of the amount payable for community service. 

For both second and third-time DUI convictions, the state of Colorado requires a fine of at least $600. The amount can go up to as much as $1,500 depending on factors like the person’s BAC at the time of the arrest. 

Two-Year Probation

If you get a 2nd DUI in Denver, part of the penalties following the conviction is a two-year probationary period. The probationary period begins upon release from jail. During this time, you need to submit to regular drug and alcohol monitoring. Under no circumstances can your BAC be above .8% while you are on probation. 

In addition, you will also have to undergo alcohol and drug rehabilitation and treatment. As part of rehabilitation after a DUI conviction, you also need to take classes on driving safety. 

A violation of the terms of probation can land you back in jail. 

Revoked License

License revocation begins as soon as you are convicted of your second or third DUI. In Colorado, license revocations are different for second and third-time offenders. 

If you get a 2nd DUI in Denver, you can expect your license to be revoked for at least a year. You may still operate a vehicle while your license is revoked. However, you will need an interlock license from the DMV to do so. Applying for this is possible a month after your license has been revoked. 

For third-time DUI offenders, the license may remain revoked indefinitely. The DMV and court can reinstate the driver’s license if the offender has completed: 

  • A drug and alcohol monitoring program
  • Driver’s education
  • Community service
  • Jail time

Drug and Alcohol Monitoring, Evaluation, and Treatment

All DUI offenders must submit themselves to drug and alcohol screening. Also, they must complete evaluation and treatment for the judge to reinstate their licenses. Those on interlock licenses may apply to have their original licenses following drug and alcohol rehab. 

Call a Lawyer if You Get a 2nd DUI (or 3rd) in Denver, CO

Full reinstatement of your license may allow you to drive again. However, between getting a 2nd DUI in Denver and that time, you can expect a series of penalties and jail time. Also, a DUI is a misdemeanor that will make its way to your criminal record. 

To prevent all this from happening, you will need help. If you are arrested for a DUI in Denver, you can fight the charges. Seek the aid of a criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record of fighting DUI charges. 

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