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It’s easy to find ourselves exceeding the posted speed limit in the whirl of our everyday lives. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, “Could I be charged with a crime for speeding?” While the answer isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, understanding the potential legal consequences of excessive speeding can be vital.

As reputable Denver speeding ticket attorneys, we are dedicated to offering in-depth insights and legal advice regarding the complexities of traffic offenses in Colorado, such as speeding.

You can count on our legal team to help you achieve the best possible outcome if you have been charged with speeding.

Understanding Speeding Offenses in Colorado

Speeding offenses in Colorado aren’t as simple as they might seem. The penalties can vary significantly depending on the nature of the offense, and understanding these differences is crucial.

Standard Speeding Infractions

Most instances of speeding are classified as infractions. They result in fines, points on your driving record, and possible increases in insurance rates. However, these are not criminal charges and won’t result in a criminal record. The degree of the penalty often depends on the amount you exceeded the speed limit by and whether it’s a repeated offense.

Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving

On the other hand, excessive speeding could lead to criminal charges. Colorado’s law defines reckless driving as driving with a “wanton or willful disregard for safety.” This includes extreme speeding, particularly in zones with heavy pedestrian traffic or near schools. Convictions may lead to jail time and substantial fines.

Careless Driving and Speeding

Furthermore, “careless driving” charges might come into play if you’re driving without due regard for the surroundings. This is typically less severe than reckless driving but carries significant penalties, especially if it results in injury or death.

As these insights demonstrate, Colorado’s legal landscape of speeding offenses is multi-faceted. Understanding these nuances can be invaluable in staying on the right side of the law.

Potential Penalties for Speeding Crimes in Colorado

The severity of the offense dictates the penalties for speeding crimes in Colorado. The more dangerous the driving behavior, the more severe the penalty. Let’s delve into the potential consequences.

Penalties for Basic Speeding Violations

Basic speeding violations, although not criminal, can still carry significant penalties. These are generally determined by how much you exceed the speed limit. Penalties can include fines, points added to your driving record, and potential increases in insurance rates.

Repercussions of Reckless Driving

Speeding may cross over into reckless driving territory when it becomes excessive and dangerous. This is a misdemeanor charge and, as such, carries more significant consequences. Under Colorado law, if convicted, you could face a sentence of up to 90 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $300.

The Consequences of Careless Driving

Careless driving is another charge that can result from excessive speeding. While not as severe as reckless driving, a careless driving charge is still serious. If a careless driving act injures another, penalties can include up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. If it results in death, the penalties can be even more severe.

When Speeding Becomes a Felony

In some instances, excessive speeding may result in a felony charge, specifically vehicular assault or homicide. These charges are serious and can lead to lengthy prison sentences if convicted.

Avoiding Penalties: The Best Defense

Understanding the potential penalties for speeding crimes is the first step in mitigating them. With this knowledge, you can approach your case in an informed way and, with the help of a competent Denver ticket attorney, ensure that you have the best defense possible.

The Role of a Denver Ticket Attorney in Speeding Offenses

Navigating the legal system, especially when facing serious speeding-related charges, can be daunting. This is where a Denver ticket attorney can make a significant difference.

Understanding Colorado Traffic Laws

Denver ticket attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of Colorado traffic laws. They can provide clear, straightforward explanations of these complex laws, helping you comprehend the charges and potential penalties.

Challenging Charges and Reducing Penalties

A skilled Denver ticket attorney can help challenge the charges leveled against you. They may question the methods used to determine your speed or challenge the validity of the speed limit in the area where you were cited. Their goal is to seek a reduction or even dismissal of penalties.

Maintaining a Clean Driving Record

Beyond dealing with the immediate consequences of a speeding ticket, a Denver ticket attorney can offer guidance on maintaining a clean driving record. They can advise you on traffic laws, safe driving habits, and strategies for preventing future violations.

Support During Police Encounters

A Denver ticket attorney can also coach you on responding if you’re pulled over for speeding. This includes understanding your rights during a traffic stop and communicating effectively with law enforcement.

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It’s important to remember that while a typical speeding ticket might not be a criminal offense, extreme speeding cases could lead to criminal charges under Colorado law. The potential legal consequences of speeding should not be underestimated, and hiring a seasoned Denver ticket attorney can be a wise move in navigating the complex landscape of traffic offenses. With a clear understanding of the law and your rights, you can make informed decisions and stand the best chance of a favorable outcome.

Remember, when it comes to legal matters, always consult with a professional. If you’re dealing with a serious speeding offense, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani by calling (303) 529-2834. Our team is ready to offer their expertise and guidance to help protect your rights and future.


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