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Over the last decade, social media has become a prevalent part of almost everyone’s life. Users post about everything from what they had for dinner to information about breakups, children, and more.

While social media offers an effective way to keep in touch with family and friends, there are situations where over-sharing can lead to negative consequences. This is especially an issue if your post contains information about underage drinking or illegal drugs.

If you are charged with a crime because of something you posted on social media, contact an experienced Denver drug attorney from the Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani for assistance. We can help you with your case and build a solid defense to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

The Reach of Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives, impacting everything from relationships to job prospects. People frequently share aspects of their personal lives, including activities that could potentially lead to legal repercussions. The reach of social media is expansive, and yes, that includes the eyes of law enforcement agencies.

The Legality of Social Media Surveillance

It’s perfectly legal for police officers to view public social media profiles and act on the information found there. However, accessing someone’s private account deceitfully or without permission could violate privacy laws. When investigating drug-related offenses, Denver drug attorneys often examine the procedures used to gather evidence and will contest any methods that infringe upon your legal rights.

When Social Media Becomes Evidence

Posting pictures, videos, or comments about drug use or drug sales could serve as evidence against you. While a social media post alone might not be enough to warrant an arrest or conviction, it can certainly instigate a deeper investigation. For example, if a picture is posted of you with what appears to be an illegal substance, this could be used to obtain a search warrant for your property.

Case Scenarios in Colorado

Some of the situations that may result in criminal charges when posting on social media include:

  • Bragging About Drug Use: A casual post where you brag about using an illegal substance could prompt law enforcement to investigate you further.
  • Showing Off Stash: Posting photos of a drug stash could result in police involvement, especially if you are already on their radar.
  • Public Transactions: Announcing that you are selling or looking to buy illegal substances could potentially result in an arrest.

The Role of a Denver Drug Attorney

If you find yourself facing drug charges based on social media activity, contacting a qualified Denver drug attorney should be your first step. Not only can they guide you through the intricacies of Colorado law, but they can also challenge the legitimacy of the social media evidence against you.

Defending Against Social Media Evidence

Your attorney can explore various defenses against social media evidence, such as:

  • Questioning Authenticity: They may challenge whether the social media account or post genuinely belongs to you.
  • Consent and Privacy: If your account was accessed unlawfully, your attorney could argue for excluding the evidence.
  • Relevance and Context: A skilled lawyer can question the relevance of the social media post and argue that it was taken out of context.

When you retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer, you will have someone who can work to create an effective defense on your behalf.

The Takeaway: Think Before You Post

The age-old adage of thinking before you speak applies ever so fittingly to social media. In a society where a single post can go viral in minutes, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you share, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like drug use.

While a social media post alone may not be sufficient grounds for a drug charge, it can serve as a catalyst for legal complications. If you find yourself entangled in such a predicament, a competent Denver drug attorney can provide the legal guidance needed to navigate the complexities of the Colorado legal system.

At the Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani, our experienced attorneys can help you understand the charges against you and the potential defenses. Call our office to schedule an initial consultation. 


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