Juvenile Criminal Defense

Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney  represents defendants charged with Juvenile Law offenses in Colorado.  Being a parent is hard. Parenting teenagers  and young adults is especially challenging these days. When your child gets into trouble, it is often difficult to know how to proceed. Do you let the child sink or swim, or do you offer help?

Research has shown that a child’s brain does not fully develop its ability to rationally think until age 25. Because of this,  adolescents and young teenagers should be treated differently than adult offenders. The goals of the juvenile justice system, at least in theory, are somewhat different than that of the adult system: for children, the primary goal is supposed to be rehabilitation to get them on the right track, not harsh punishment.

Unfortunately there are s lot of obstacles that stand in the way of your child’s successful rehabilitation: district attorneys too quick to charge a child with a serious crime; judges too willing to detain a child or sentence him to a lengthy detention sentence; alternative schools that can function as a virtual pipeline to jail; and colleges or employers that ask juvenile applicants if they’ve ever been charged with a crime.

Protecting your child’s future

Denver Juvenile DefendantAs your child’s attorney, Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani will thoroughly investigate all the facts to present a complete picture of the situation to the court. Steven has vast experience with all aspects of juvenile offenses, including initial procedures and trial. Our main goal is to reduce the negative impact on your child through negotiation or trial advocacy. In the event the charges are unjustified, we will work to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Our firm provides full service representation, including everything from assistance with school board disciplinary actions to expungement of juvenile records.

In some cases, generally involving violence and weapons, the prosecution can attempt to have a minor tried as an adult. In these cases, The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani will fight to keep your child in the juvenile system, away from the harsher penalties of the adult court.

Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven Pisani strives to provide high quality representation to juveniles and their families by staying on top of new developments in juvenile justice law through attending nationally recognized seminars, training programs and studying the rapidly changing area of juvenile justice law.

Whether or not this is your child’s first encounter with the legal system, we Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney help you understand your options and work to protect their future.

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