Minor in Possession

Minor in Possession of Ethyl Alcohol

In Colorado, it is illegal for anyone under age 21 to consume or possess alcohol or marijuana. These minor in possession (MIP) laws aim to prevent underage intoxication. If you have any amount of alcohol in your body, upon your person, or within your immediate control, officers can request that you take a breath test to determine whether you have consumed alcohol.

Minor in Possession of Marijuana

Similarly, if you are a minor and you have marijuana in your body, upon your person, or within your immediate control, you may be charged with marijuana MIP. Marijuana-related cases that result in a conviction may affect your eligibility for Federal Student Financial Aid. To find out more, consult an attorney and/or read the following links: Penalties For Drug Law Violations and Student Aid Eligibility.

Handling your MIP case in Court

The outcome of your MIP case will typically depend on whether you have had a previous criminal violation and on the circumstances of your current case. Denver MIP defense attorney Steven J. Pisani can provide the minor and their guardians with information on the court and collateral consequences of an MIP conviction. An MIP can affect employment, schooling, Federal assistance, and eligibility to drive. In most cases, a first MIP offense and its affect on a child’s future will be at the mercy of the prosecutor.  Prosecutors and judges  view repeat violations more seriously, and as such, penalties for these minors tend to be more strictly enforced and exponentially increase. If the minor attends a college or university, then they can expect additional disciplinary action to be taken by the institution. If cited by campus police or local officers, it is likely that the offense will be reported to the school and the student will be disciplined for violating the student conduct code.

Sealing Your MIP Record

Once your case is dismissed, you can petition for the court to have your record sealed. If you pled guilty, after one year from the date of your guilty plea, you can petition the court to have your record sealed if you have no new charges. Learn more about Sealing Minor in Possession (MIP) Records.

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