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Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven J. Pisani offers complete legal assistance to his clients. His firm specializes in DUI defense (drunk driving), Domestic Violence defense and Colorado traffic ticket defense. The firm’s only areas of focus are criminal defense, juvenile criminal defense, traffic ticket defense and the sealing of criminal records.

At Pisani Law, we understand that most people find it difficult to navigate the complex legal system. Our procedure is simple but effective. We always start with a thorough assessment of our client’s case and keep the client updated on any developments. We explain the weaknesses and strengths within the framework of the law and how to best handle each individual situation. We can never guarantee the outcome of a case; but our strong trial record all across Colorado and our high rate of client satisfaction should assure you that we have your best interests in mind.

Most cases are different from one another; sometimes people are falsely accused or they simply made a bad decision. Even in cases that seem identical, nuances can dramatically change the outcome. Our top priority is always to protect our client’s interests and use our expertise to get them free from the charges in the court. We make all lawfully possible efforts to save our clients from harsh punishment. Even if a punishment is compulsory, we make efforts to reduce the penalty or detention.
Criminal charges can result in very harsh sentences, which could include anything from imprisonment to expensive fines and treatment classes. Additionally, there may be collateral consequences for having a misdemeanor or felony charge on your criminal record. For instance:
– A guilty plea to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge may prevent the person from ever owning or keeping a firearm legally.
– A drug conviction could lead to a denial or suspension of student loan aid.
– Too many points on a driver’s record could lead to a suspension of your driving privilege and increased insurance premiums.

We get to know our clients personally and always inform them about the possible consequences they face in their case.

Don’t be confused if you need a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, Denver DUI lawyer, Drunk Driving Lawyer Colorado, DWAI Attorney, as we at Pisani Law Firm are here to help you with our years of experience in handling criminal cases successfully. You just need to contact us to set up a free no obligation consultation to let us explain that how can we assist you.

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Criminal Defense

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DUI Defense

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Domestic Violence

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Traffic Tickets

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We provide full-service legal assistance with specialization in criminal defense representation, domestic violence defense, DUI defense (driving under the influence), Colorado traffic tickets, Drunk Driving, juvenile criminal defense, shoplifting defense and sealing of criminal records...

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