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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani provides full-service legal assistance specializing in criminal defense representation, domestic violence defense, DUI defense (driving under the influence), Colorado traffic tickets, Drunk Driving, juvenile criminal defense, shoplifting defense and sealing of criminal records. At our law office, we understand that a court appearance can be difficult to navigation alone. A future  appearance in front of a judge or jury is not something to be taken lightly. The economy is already difficult enough as it is, and a possible conviction on your record will only further complicate matters — therefore, you need a reliable and expert Denver Criminal Defense Attorney with a reasonable fee structure to safeguard your best interests and your future.

StatisticsReview of The Law Offices Of Steven J. PisaniOur Denver Criminal Defense firm investigates and prepares every case to present compelling evidence before judges and juries. Although we can never guarantee a legal outcome, we pride ourselves on our strong trial record throughout Colorado and a high client satisfaction rate.

We provide every client with a thorough evaluation of their case, and keep them informed at all times. But most importantly, our number one priority is utilizing the law to achieve our client’s goals. Every case is different and whether you have been falsely accused or simply made a bad decision we will work for the best possible outcome so our client’s can move forward with their lives.

Criminal charges could cost you more than you realize. Of course there is the possibility of jail time and fines, but there are collateral consequences to having a felony or misdemeanor charge on your record. A guilty plea to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, for example, can prevent you from ever owning or possessing a firearm legally. A conviction for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) could result not only the loss of a driver’s license but also cause insurance rates to skyrocket and prohibit you from certain employment. Our defense firm will fight the charges and can seal your record to ensure your privacy and future are secure. We make certain our clients are well informed of all the collateral consequences in their case so they can make the best decision.

Hiring a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, Drunk Driving Lawyer Colorado,  Denver DUI lawyer,  DWAI Attorney can be a confusing and difficult process. Call us today to set up a free no obligation consultation to see how we can help.

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Some of Our Services

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani represents defendants at all stages of the criminal process for both misdemeanors and felonies. Mr. Pisani keeps his clients informed about the criminal process and what to expect going forward on their case. Understanding the criminal process can help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty of being charged with a crime.

Denver Traffic Ticket Defense

Denver Traffic Ticket Defense The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani effectively represent clients who have been charged with a traffic offense. Our attorneys can appear at court on a client's behalf, negotiate a reduction in points and fines, or set the matter for a final hearing.

Denver DUI Defense Attorney

Denver DUI Defense Attorney Our firm represents clients charged with DUI (Driving under the influence) & DWAI (driving while ability impaired). Don't just accept the fist offer from a prosecutor. A DUI can cost you much more than you may think.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Defense The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani represents individuals charged with domestic violence offenses.A variety of allegations can result in domestic violence charges, ranging from harassment, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and burglary to overt threats and assault.

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