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If you’re facing charges for theft or fraud in Colorado, you require the advice and experience of a Denver theft & fraud attorney. Steven J. Pisani is a highly rated criminal defense attorneys in Colorado who will aggressively defend you right and work to protect your future.

Under Colorado law, theft is defined as knowingly depriving another person anything of value. It can involve shoplifting, larceny, and embezzlement. Fraud, on the other hand, involves knowingly obtaining, retaining, and controlling another person’s item without authorization or deception or threat.

Colorado Theft Laws

Theft laws in Colorado cover a range of illicit behaviors, from shoplifting in a supermarket to stealing from your employer. The common indicator in all these crimes is that all involve knowingly taking control over another person’s valuable item without his or her authority and retaining it so that the owner cannot get it back.

Theft laws in Colorado are deliberate on terms and purposes. Getting sentenced for a crime such as theft can limit your job prospects. Employers are doubtful of hiring a person with a theft conviction. At Law Office of Steven J. Pisani, we use our years of theft defense experience to fight for your rights and get your case the best possible outcome.

Theft Charges in Colorado

It is easy to confuse theft and fraud. Often used as an umbrella term, theft is an illegal act that involves stealing another person’s property without his consent.

The property need not be removed from the premises to denote the criminal offense of theft. This means that if you pick an item, transfer it to deprive it of the owner; you can be charged with theft even when you do not personally hold it. The severity of theft charges in Colorado depends on several factors.

  • Type of theft
  • Value of the stolen item
  • Any previous theft charges
  • Whether you used a weapon when committing the theft

If you are facing charges for theft or fraud, you need the advice of an experienced theft and fraud attorney. Pisani Law will work to negotiate your charges down and keep the arrest from becoming a conviction.

If it warrants going to trial, we know how to mount a strong defense against theft and fraud charges.

Fraud Charges

A charge of fraud is brought up if someone gains something of value by making a false representation to obtain the item. Here is a variety of crimes that can attract fraud charges:

  • Felony theft
  • Misdemeanor shoplifting
  • Petty theft
  • Theft by receiving
  • Incorrect information to a pawnbroker
  • Robbery
  • Identify theft
  • Motor vehicle theft

If the courts in Colorado believe you have committed fraud, they will impose as many related charges they can against you.

When the number of charges increases, the severity of potential penalties also increases. If the case becomes more complex, an understanding of financial transactions, a thorough knowledge of timelines, and key players becomes of utmost importance.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Pisani, we understand theft and fraud laws and will work to protect your rights and freedom.

Shoplifting Defense

Shoplifting refers to stealing from supermarkets or enterprises. It is also a crime that would possibly have been committed accidentally. For instance, while walking in a store, you might forget to remove shades after trying them on.

What To Do if You Are a Victim of Theft or Fraud

If you find out that you have been a victim of ID and fraud theft, you can take some important steps. Here are some of them:

  • Report the crime to your local law enforcement agency: In Colorado, you can report at the district where you live or in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred. This can be a Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.
  • Report to the financial institution: If the fraud involves your credit card, bank account, or debit card, you will need to call your bank immediately.
  • Call the credit reporting agency: If someone attempted to open a new credit account or used your financial information in your name, call the credit reporting agency right away. Report and place a credit freeze on your accounts.
  • Report to FTC: If identity theft is perpetrated online, then report to the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI. The FTC usually prepares a report called FTC Affidavit, and it can be useful in repairing the damage caused by the crime.

Many lawyers in Colorado readily accept the FTC Complaint as verification that the victim launched a complaint. Remember this report is an addition to the report you made earlier to the police. It is additional proof that you’re a victim of fraud, and it can be helpful.

Denver Theft & Fraud Attorney Can Help

If you are going through shoplifting or theft charges, then contact Denver theft & fraud attorney Steven J. Pisani. Don’t suffer in silence when we can offer you legal representation. Call (303) 635-6768, today.

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