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Although Colorado is often praised for its stunning landscape and vibrant communities, many overlook the harsh reality below the surface: Colorado consistently ranks among the top states in the country for violent crimes.

Our Colorado criminal defense attorney is here to explain some factors leading to this ranking.

Violent Crime Statistics

Violent crime statistics for 2023 in Colorado show the following:

Violent Crime Offenses

  • Murders reported: 311
  • Non-consensual sex offenses: 5,770
  • Assault: 20,299
  • Robbery: 3,799

Violent Crimes with Weapons

  • Personal Weapons (Hands, Fist, Feet, Arms, Teeth, Etc.): 10,198
  • Firearm: 9,973
  • Dangerous Weapons: 5,925
  • Asphyxiation (by Drowning, Strangulation, Suffocation, Gas): 1,115
  • Unknown: 1,037
  • All Others: 2,552

Overall Rank for Violent Crimes

Over the past decade, Colorado has experienced a concerning surge in crime rates, propelling it to one of the highest positions nationally. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that as of 2022, Colorado held the 4th highest ranking nationally for combined property and violent crime rates.

This marks a significant deterioration from its 2012 ranking of 31st place. Property and violent crime rates have exhibited a steady upward trajectory since the early 2010s, with the pace of increase accelerating notably in the early 2020s.

Specifically, Colorado ranked 3rd in the nation for property crime rates and 8th for violent crime rates, which highlights the challenges confronting the state’s law enforcement agencies and communities alike.

A criminal defense attorney in Colorado can help when facing potential charges for any serious crime. However, it is essential to understand why Colorado has seen an uptick in crimes.

Factors Contributing to Violent Crime Rates

Several factors contribute to the high crime rate across Colorado. These include:

First-Time Homelessness

The alarming increase in first-time homelessness has become a significant contributor to the elevated crime rate across Colorado. Statistics indicate a doubling in the number of individuals facing homelessness for the first time. This vulnerable population often deals with limited access to resources, facing heightened risks of involvement in criminal activities as they struggle to navigate their circumstances.

Increased Gun Sales

Colorado has witnessed a concerning uptick in gun sales, a trend closely intertwined with the escalation of violent crime. Data reveals a 45% increase in gun sales, with firearms being implicated in approximately 70% of homicide cases.

The increased presence of firearms amplifies the potential for lethal confrontations and exacerbates the severity of criminal incidents.

Housing Insecurities

Mounting housing insecurities have emerged as another significant driver of heightened crime rates within Colorado communities. Reports indicate a notable 25% increase in individuals experiencing housing insecurities, with unstable living conditions fostering environments conducive to criminal behavior.


The growing issue of unemployment continues to cast a shadow over Colorado, with a concerning 12% of the population dealing with joblessness. High unemployment rates often correlate with increased financial strain and desperation, fueling criminal activities as individuals seek alternative options to gain financial stability. Economic instability can increase individuals’ likelihood of illicit pursuits, contributing to the overall crime statistics.

Increased Opioid Deaths

Colorado faces an unprecedented crisis in opioid-related deaths, reaching an alarming all-time high and surging by 54%. The opioid epidemic not only exacts a devastating toll on public health but also amplifies associated criminal activities, including drug trafficking, substance abuse-related offenses, and violence resulting from addiction-driven behaviors.

Youths Not Enrolled in School

Another concerning trend contributing to the rise in violent crime rates is the increase in the number of youths not enrolled in school. Recent data reveals a 23% increase in children not attending educational institutions, raising concerns regarding disengagement from structured environments and susceptibility to negative influences.

Although a number of crimes are reported in Colorado, not every arrest leads to a conviction. Our criminal defense attorney in Colorado has helped countless individuals accused or arrested for a crime have their charges reduced or dropped.

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