Juvenile Expungement

Attorney Steven J. Pisani is one of the leading Denver expungement lawyers, helping people  who were charged as juvenile clear their records. The firm will file petitions in the Colorado courts to expunge juvenile criminal records and assist those that were charged in leading a normal life.

If you have made a criminal mistake as a juvenile, you may be allowed to get this mistake removed or “expunged” from your record. As per Colorado state law, expungement allows for juvenile criminal histories to be reported as having never existed.

Records that are expunged normally contain records of arrests; complaints filed against you; photographs; warrants; fingerprints; rap sheets; and court procedural records. It is imperative to remember that a sealed record is not a destroyed record. Law enforcement,  such as the FBI, local police and immigration officers can still gain access to your expunged court files for specific purposes should the need arise.

Why Should You Get Your Records Expunged?

There are innumerable advantages to getting your juvenile criminal record erased. In general, it is considered smart to request for sealing of juvenile records before applying for colleges, job or a professional license; once your case is expunged, you are allowed to mention that you don’t have any criminal history. In today’s world, it has become really important to get your case sealed when anyone can access your records over the internet.

Who Can Appeal for Juvenile Records Expungement?

A person is entitled to petition for expungment of juvenile arrest or criminal records if he/she meets one of the following requirements:

  • A plea may be filed once in the period of 12 months for the sealing of a record.
  • An appeal can be filed to expunge the case immediately, if the verdict is in your favor.
  • After one year, if you had received a ticket or were detained but no further action was taken, or you are done with a juvenile diversion program or informal adjustment.
  • After four years, if the Court has dismissed jurisdiction or you were entirely released from commitment to the department of human services or you were completely liberated from parole supervision.
  • After ten years, if you have been arbitrated as a repeat or mandatory juvenile delinquent and the Court has finished punishment or you are completely free from parole supervision, whichever date is later.

When You Cannot File a Petition for Expungement in the Court:

  • The suspect has been sentenced for an offense for which factual basis involved illegal sexual behavior.
  • You were judged as a serious juvenile offender.
  • You were arbitrated as a violent juvenile criminal.
  • You were judged for a crime that would be an offense of violence if committed by an adult.
  • You were accused by the direct filing of an accusation or evidence in district court as a juvenile and you faced an adult punishment.

How Can We Assist You in a Better and Secure Future?

We are the experts in Colorado expungement laws. When it comes to filing a plea for the sealing of your records we ensure proper details of the case such as case numbers, report numbers, arrest numbers are included in our request for the expungement. Every agency that took part in the original arrest or criminal records is necessary to be included in our petition; such info helps to ensure whether your case is expunged properly after the court’s order.

Despite eligibility and the facts of any particular case, there is never a guarantee that the court will grant the expungement request. However, Colorado expungement lawyer Steven J. Pisani has an impressive track record of winning expungment cases and allowing our clients to move on from a past indiscretion. The sealing of a juvenile criminal history comprises a lot of paperwork and attention to detail and can also take months of time to complete the process. If you wish to lead a normal life after a mistakes as a juvenile, then it is important to discuss your case with an expert who can assist you from beginning to end.



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Sometimes people are falsely accused or they simply made a bad decision. Even in cases that seem identical, nuances can dramatically change the outcome. Our top priority is always to protect our client’s interests and use our expertise to get them free from the charges in the court. We make all lawfully possible efforts to save our clients from harsh punishment. Even if a punishment is compulsory, we make efforts to reduce the penalty or detention.