Juvenile Defense

Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani defends young offenders who are subject to the Juvenile criminal laws and regulations in the state of Colorado. A child in trouble requires extra attention. Being a parent is demanding on its own, but the added complication of the justice system makes dealing with a legal issue much more difficult. This is the period when your children most likely requires help and support. That being said, the most sensible thing you should do as a parent is consult a juvenile defense lawyer.

Certain researchers assert that a child’s brain has not finished developing until the age of 25. As a result, they lack the ability to reason rationally. Consequently, adolescents and teenagers should be handled differently than adult offenders. The objectives of the juvenile justice system are distinctive from the adult system as the primary aim should be rehabilitation and assistance getting them on the right track. Punishment is secondary.

Unfortunately, not everyone has your child’s best interests in mind.  Prosecutors are usually in a hurry to charge a child with serious offense and judges sometimes agree with those harsh recommendations. Consequently, the client’s life may be forever changed from a mistake they made as a child.

Protection of the Child’s Future

Steven J. Pisani is a well-known Denver juvenile criminal defense lawyer. He thoroughly investigates all the evidence and complexities of the case to defend your child in the court. With an in- depth understanding of the Colorado juvenile laws, Attorney Pisani can represent your child in the court to prove innocence. His primary aim while defending your child is to reduce the negative impact on the child through negotiation or trial advocacy. Our firm offers complete representation services; everything from representation for the criminal case, assistance with school board disciplinary actions, and the expungment of juvenile records.



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Sometimes people are falsely accused or they simply made a bad decision. Even in cases that seem identical, nuances can dramatically change the outcome. Our top priority is always to protect our client’s interests and use our expertise to get them free from the charges in the court. We make all lawfully possible efforts to save our clients from harsh punishment. Even if a punishment is compulsory, we make efforts to reduce the penalty or detention.