Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a designation in criminal law given to certain crimes when there has been an intimate relationship between the parties involved. Typically individuals are charged with domestic violence when their partner claims there was physical violence, or when any other action is used by one person to control, punish, bully, threaten or seek revenge on the other.

Effects of a Domestic Violence Conviction – Why you need a Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer

The sentences in DV cases are generally harsher than in non-DV cases for the same crime. A DV conviction can result in sentences of jail time, probation, expensive fines, DV treatment classes, and a mandatory protection order keeping you away from your home and family. The treatment program generally requires weekly classes and therapy sessions over the course of several months. Additionally, DV convictions may be used against you in other court proceedings such as future criminal and family law cases.

The consequences for a domestic violence are severe, not only in the criminal court but beyond. Such convictions can also lead to threats of deportation of non-residents and may create a hindrance in the suspect’s employment prospects. A DV conviction can also make it difficult to rent a living space or qualify for governmental assistance. Furthermore, a Colorado DV conviction can deny the defendant’s right to own or keep a firearm forever.

The prosecution and the police have limited ability to dismiss or ignore a claim of domestic violence. Because of this, DV cases are brought to trial more often than other case types. If you are charged with an act of Domestic Violence, call the expert Denver Domestic Violence Lawyer Steven J. Pisani today for a free consultation. It is better to take experienced advice from a Domestic Violence Attorney rather than fight alone.



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Sometimes people are falsely accused or they simply made a bad decision. Even in cases that seem identical, nuances can dramatically change the outcome. Our top priority is always to protect our client’s interests and use our expertise to get them free from the charges in the court. We make all lawfully possible efforts to save our clients from harsh punishment. Even if a punishment is compulsory, we make efforts to reduce the penalty or detention.