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Steven J. Pisani is a well respected Denver Traffic Ticket Attorney who represents clients facing traffic offense charges. Traffic laws are classically separated into two categories – traffic infractions and traffic offenses. An infraction is not a criminal offense and the penalty is usually a fine. Many traffic tickets, like non-moving violations and non-dangerous moving violations are classified as infractions. Driving  up to 19 miles over the speed limit or failing to stop at a red light, are examples of traffic infractions.

Traffic offenses are more serious than infractions and may be criminal in nature, resulting in the possibility of jail time.  Traffic offenses include: driving without proof of auto insurance, reckless or dangerous driving, careless driving, and failure to stop at the scene of an accident (hit & run). In the state of Colorado, DUI (driving under the influence) is an unclassified traffic misdemeanor.

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Driver’s License Point System in Colorado

In Colorado, traffic violations have associated point penalties.  Points accumulate on an individual’s driving record with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles and may trigger driver’s license suspensions or increased insurance premiums. For instance, a conviction for speeding ticket usually carries 4 or 6 points, while a punishment for reckless driving or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) carries a point assessment of 8 points. Unfortunately, in case of a person over 21 years of age, the Division of Motor Vehicles will suspend his driving license upon the accrual of 12 points within a period of 12-months, or 18 points within a 24-month period.

See the chart below for more information.

Point Accumulation Requiring Suspension
Adult Driver Minor Driver (18-21)
12 Consecutive Months 12 Points 9 Points
24 Consecutive Months18 Points 12 Points

If you have been cited for speeding in the Denver Metro Area, including Arvada, Brighton, Aurora, Broomfield, Commerce City, Centennial, Denver, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, Westminster, Adams County, Arapahoe County or Jefferson County, always remember a speeding ticket will add points to your driver’s license.

If you received an unfair ticket, if there were qualifying circumstances, or if you were stopped for reasons other than a moving violation, don’t settle. Fight back with an experienced Denver traffic attorney. A conviction may lead to high fines, traffic classes or jail. Moreover, if you accumulate too many points your license can be suspended. If you are then caught driving while under a suspension, the consequences could be really severe.

Out of State Traffic Defendants

Usually, traffic crimes committed in Colorado require the defendant to appear at the local court. If you were just moving through the Denver Metro Area, or no longer live in the state, Colorado Traffic Ticket Lawyer Steven J. Pisani can represent you and deal with your case. Moreover, in most cases you don’t even have to appear, we act as your agent. We will ensure that the proper paperwork is filed with the court. We can normally reduce the charge, fines and points associated with your traffic ticket.

Contact Denver traffic lawyer and Denver speeding ticket Attorney Steven J. Pisani today for the best advice in your case and a free consultation.

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