Denver Assault Defense Lawyer Steven J. Pisani provides complete legal support to his clients charged with assault offenses. Pisani Law protects our clients by utilizing every probable defense. Assault charges can stem from actions in which a client’s emotions got the best of them, due to provocation, accidental or unintended injury, or defense against an honest perceived threat. We always probe the case from every angle to know the case better than the prosecution.  We, as a law firm, have a deep understanding of all the possible consequences of an assault conviction and discuss them with our client. Our motto is to protect the clients’ rights and achieve the best likely verdict against the charges.

There are three classes of assault crimes in Colorado – First, Second and Third Degree.

First Degree Assault:

  • Knowingly causing harm to another person seriously and permanently, or to abolish, amputate, or disable forever a member or a body part.
  • With a set of mind to cause severe corporal injury upon a peace officer or firefighter, the individual threatens with a deadly weapon a peace officer or firefighter involved in the enactment of his or her duties, and the lawbreaker discerns the victim is a peace officer or firefighter performing his or her duties.
  • In the conditions expressing extreme triviality to the value of human life, the person eloquently participates in behavior which generates a grave risk of death to another person, and thus causes serious physical damage to any person.
  • A Class 3 felony, frequently as a crime of violence offense with an obligatory minimum possible sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

Second Degree Assault:

  • Causing physical injury to another person intentionally, using a deadly weapon.
  • Knowingly stopping someone whom he or she identifies, or should know, to be a peace officer or firefighter from executing a legal duty, he or she deliberately causes physical injury to any person.
  • Reason being except lawful medical or therapeutic treatment, he deliberately causes lethargy, unconsciousness, or other mental or bodily weakening or injuring another individual by controlling him, without his consent, a drug, constituent, or preparation proficient of creating the intended harm.
  • An individual carelessly causes serious corporal injury to another individual with the use of a deadly weapon.
  • A Class 4 felony, usually as a crime of violence offense with a required minimum possible sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

Third Degree Assault:

  • When a person with criminal negligence causes physical damage (pain) to another individual by using a deadly weapon
  • When an individual meaningfully or irresponsibly causes physical injury (pain) to another person
  • An unusual risk Class 1 misdemeanor crime with a prison term of up to 2 years & a $5,000 fine

Domestic Violence Assault & Harassment Charges

In the state of Colorado Assault charges can be higher with a Domestic Violence designation when both parties are or have been in a close relationship. Alleged Domestic Violence assault crimes demand an arrest. In such cases, the suspect can be arrested without bail until presented in front of a judge. Further, protection orders are issued preventing communication between the involved parties. The Domestic Violence designation also boosts the likely penalties of the assault conviction, demanding several months of treatment and therapy classes. Due to the complexity of these cases, it is advised to consult with a Denver Assault attorney.

Demanding Self Defense

Self Defense may be claimed when acting on an honest belief of a threat. Self defense can be difficult to establish, particularly in cases without a third party witness. It is important for the suspect facing the assault charge to contact a competent Denver-based Assault and Battery lawyer as soon as possible. Sometimes, officers do not take proper documentation of assaults. Hiring an Assault attorney in Denver once charges are filed allows for the preservation of pertinent evidence.

Pisani Law uses expertise and experience to ensure our clients’ rights are protected.



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Sometimes people are falsely accused or they simply made a bad decision. Even in cases that seem identical, nuances can dramatically change the outcome. Our top priority is always to protect our client’s interests and use our expertise to get them free from the charges in the court. We make all lawfully possible efforts to save our clients from harsh punishment. Even if a punishment is compulsory, we make efforts to reduce the penalty or detention.