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If you’re under 18 and get arrested before your 18th birthday, you already have a juvenile record. This may be any contact with the police at school, when driving, or if anybody accuses you of anything.

In Colorado, it’s possible to clear your record if you’re a previous juvenile offender. This is called expungement. It means sealing or destroying the documents held in your record. If documents are expunged, then they’re treated as if they never existed.

If you’re a juvenile living in Colorado, the state offers you an opportunity to make a fresh start in life through expungement. During this process, your juvenile records are destroyed, which grants you freedom from wrongdoing. Once your records have been destroyed, you can deny any arrest or charge every took place.

Just like any other aspect of Colorado law, expungement is a complex legal process. You may have to go through a complicated and time-consuming process before a successful expungement is achieved.

If you’re faced with a juvenile matter that requires expungement, then it’s a good idea to hire a qualified Juvenile Expungement Attorney in Colorado, who can take you through the process until you achieve success in your endeavor.

This is How Long It Takes

In Colorado, if you’re a juvenile and not immediately eligible for expungement, you may have to wait for a certain period before applying for expungement. A lot of things depend on the elements of your case, such as your behavior after an arrest, your criminal history, and if you had completed your sentence.

If all the elements of your case are in good order, you may need to wait for the following duration for your records to be expunged:

  • One year after completion of a juvenile program
  • One year after getting arrested
  • Five years if you’re a repeat offender

In Colorado, the law allows you to apply for expungement only once a year. If you submit an application and it’s denied, you’ll have to wait 12 more months before you can reapply.

But the good news is that once your records are expunged:

You can tell potential employers, landlords, licensing agencies, and others that you have never been arrested.

However, expungement doesn’t generally get rid of the consequences of adolescent misconduct. For instance, in Colorado, your record will be reopened if you’re found guilty of a later offense.

If the expungement is successful, this means your record will be treated as if it never existed. The biggest plus to this is that if you’re asked if you have a criminal history, you can categorically say no. And if an employer, college, law enforcement agency wishes to conduct a background check on you, your juvenile court history will not show up.

Remember, be that as it may, that expungement or sealing isn’t generally permanent. In several states, your record may even now be available under certain conditions.

And the juvenile records could be used against you during your sentencing. There are various favorable circumstances to expunging your adolescent records. Read on to learn whether your records meet all requirements for expungement and how to have them erased.

Do You Require Legal Representation?

We all get in trouble with the law when we are young. However, having convictions in criminal records can affect your life in several ways. Talking to an experienced attorney at Pisani Law can help remove the cases from your record through record sealing/expungement.

A top-rated attorney can assist you in understanding your options and protecting your rights. While not all records are eligible for removal from your record, most are. It’s crucial to understand what can be done to help you and what cannot so that you move on with your life.

How to Expunge Your Juvenile Records

The process of expungement varies from state to state, but you will usually need to file a petition with the court that handled your case.

You will be required to fill a form and pay a fee when you file your papers and notify some people of your request to erase.

Rules for Expungement of Juvenile Records

As mentioned elsewhere, the laws for expunging juvenile records vary from state to state. But whether your juvenile records qualify for expungement, depends on the following:


In Colorado, expungement is available for many juveniles below 18 years. Expungement may also apply when there’s a drinking and driving conviction, even if the individual was between 18 and 21 years when they committed the offense.

The Date the Offense Was Committed

Usually, a juvenile record can’t be expunged until a certain period has elapsed since the juvenile case. For instance, the waiting period can be one, two, or five years depending on the state the offense was committed.

The Seriousness of the Offense

The determination of the expungement of juvenile records can be hinged on the seriousness of the offense. Many states desist from expunging severe juvenile cases, mainly those that are considered felonies.

Future Arrests or Convictions

Many states will not allow your juvenile records to be expunged if you had subsequent juvenile cases or adult criminal convictions. Or if criminal cases are pending against you.

Fortunately, Colorado has many juvenile records that qualify to be expunged. Note that if you are eligible for expungement, your record is not destroyed, but it is sealed and treated as though it never existed.

Why You Should Hire a Juvenile Expungement Attorney

Remember, any arrest and appearance in a court of law will become part of your record even if the charges will eventually be dropped or you are found not guilty after your trial.

Even if you end up being exonerated, your arrest and subsequent trial must appear during a background check for employment, professional licensing, or security clearance. This may adversely affect your situation.

If you plan to apply for a juvenile expungement or your records, call a top-rated juvenile expungement attorney today at (303) 635-6768 to book a free consultation.

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