Jul 2018

How Soon is it Safe to Drive After Smoking Cannabis? California Study Aims to Find Out

5:22 pm

The legalization of marijuana has swept across the country recently, gaining more and more traction with each passing day. That being said, it has not come without its share of...

Jul 2017

‘Drug dealer’ learns why you don’t call cops when someone steals your cocaine

11:12 pm

Apparently, one should not call the police if her/his illegal drugs are stolen. A self-described Florida drug dealer, found this out the hard way the other day when he called...

Jul 2017

The Juice to be let loose? O.J. Simpson faces parole hearing this week in Nevada

11:17 pm

OJ Simpson is reportedly up for parole after nine years in prison for his role in a Las Vegas armed robbery. Simpson, who is 70 years old, could be out...

Jul 2017

Aaron Carter bragged about not getting a DUI before arrest

11:20 pm

It is rarely beneficial to be overconfident when it comes to the law and our justice system. Aaron Carter, The less-successful brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, was recorded...

Jul 2017

Longmont police didn’t follow procedures with warrantless searches, city concludes

11:35 pm

Officials from Longmont have concluded that procedures used by Longmont police to establish consent during warrantless searches did not adhere to the police department’s standards. The tenets of a Longmont...

Jun 2017

Why Your Personal Auto Policy Doesn’t Cover Your Work Truck

5:03 pm

Personal driving and business driving are two different risks that require two different insurance policies to protect your assets. If you work as a contractor, builder or painter, you probably use a truck to...

Jun 2017

Sessions: Softened approach to drug enforcement led to surge in drug abuse and violent crime

5:47 pm

In a recent letter sent to and published by The Washington Post, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions elaborated upon his plan to be tougher on drugs and drug offenders. Sessions...