Nov 2018

Man fights distracted driving ticket; says McDonald’s hash brown was mistaken for cell phone

5:49 pm

A man in Westport, Connecticut is currently fighting a traffic ticket for distracted driving. His defense? That he was actually eating a McDonald’s hash brown rather than talking on his...

Nov 2018

Woman jailed 3 months because police thought her cotton candy was meth

5:43 pm

Dasha Fincher spent three months in jail after two Georgia deputies said a field test of a blue substance found in her car turned up positive for methamphetamine. While in...

Oct 2018

Here’s what was found in background checks of Colorado statehouse candidates

2:53 am

The Denver Post recently ran background checks for all of the candidates for Colorado’s General Assembly. Certain Colorado criminal records can be sealed, While many of the candidates do not...

Oct 2018

Mother Arrested for Taking Teenage Daughter’s iPhone 6 Away

5:33 pm

A mother in Michigan was recently arrested for taking her daughter’s cell phone as a form of punishment. The entire ordeal was one large miscommunication stemming from the mother’s ex-husband...

Sep 2018

Discovery of dog saves man from sex-crime conviction, 50-year prison sentence

6:56 pm

A man from Oregon has been exonerated from what would have been a 50-year prison sentence after the discovery of a black lab named Lucy lead to the unraveling of...

Jul 2018

Driver gets 92 mph ticket, leaves stop accelerating to 142 mph

5:22 pm

Apparently one ticket was not enough for a driver in Nebraska who was pulled over for speeding 92 in a 75 mph zone last Saturday. According to the Lincoln County...

Jul 2018

UFC star Conor McGregor avoids jail with guilty plea

5:17 pm

Famous UFC fighter and tumultuous personality Conor McGregor has recently taken a deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to Disorderly Conduct in exchange for no jail time. McGregor...