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Steven J. Pisani is a known DMV Hearing Defense Lawyer who helps clients with almost all kinds of driver’s license issues. The firm handles everything from a revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, returning of driving privileges after a suspension, post DUI reinstatement, and correction of driving record errors.

Driver’s License Point Suspension

In Colorado, the courts report to the DMV any and all points assessed as the result of traffic convictions. If the point total exceeds the threshold for your driver’s category, the DMV sends a notice to your last known address on record. You then have a limited time to respond and request a hearing on the point suspension. If you fail to respond to the notice in a timely fashion, the DMV can and will take action against your license without your input. Having a hearing on a point suspension is important because sometimes mistakes are made in the county or city courts reporting to the DMV, or you may have mitigating circumstances that can reduce the length of a suspension.

Outstanding Judgment Warrant Holds

Another common cause for a driver’s license suspension is an unpaid traffic ticket. If you failed to appear for a court date or to pay a traffic ticket by its due date, the court will send a notice to the DMV and a hold will be placed on your license. The Pisani law firm is an expert in clearing up all past warrants on unpaid traffic tickets as well as assist you to get reinstated hurriedly.

Driver’s License Revocation & Reinstatement After A DUI

Once you have been cited for DUI, there is a 7 days of the time when you can request a DMV administrative hearing to save your driving privileges. The hearing can be really imperative sometimes, as the DMV hearing gives your attorney a chance to review the incident with the arresting officer. At this hearing, your DMV lawyer can take up any issues related to the stop or arrest.

In some cases the driver instantly loses his driving privileges, for example a refusal of chemical testing (blood or breath tests). In such a case you automatically lose your driving privileges for a period of 1 year, even while you were not drunk – so it is always advised to cooperate with police during the police check on the road.

If you stand up to chemical testing and are found driving with a B.A.C. of 0.08 or more, then your driving license can be revoked for a period of 9 months as a punishment. Still, if you face such a punishment, then Steven J. Pisani can help you get an early reinstatement by appealing at the DMV hearing.

The license revocation remains in effect until you have completed the reinstatement process.


(After 9 months of revocation):
You must:

1. Provide an SR22 vehicle liability insurance document from your insurance company and sustain it for 9 months following reinstatement (if you were involved in an accident then for 3 years).
2. Completion of an Alcohol Education Certification.
3. Completion of an Application for Reinstatement; and,
4. Mail the SR22, the Alcohol Certification and the Application attached with your personal check or money order of $95 to the address mentioned in the Application.

Early Reinstatement

(1 month of revocation along with an 8 month Interlock):
Other than items 1-4, you have to maintain the SR22 document for a minimum of 3 years, irrespective of whether there was an accident and:

5. Every vehicle you either own or may drive must have an Interlock installed;

  • Containing the notarized Restricted License Ignition Interlock Agreement Affidavit, and
  • Include a signed copy of all interlock lease settlements and of each installation certificate

High BAC & Refusal Cases:

Along with items 1, 3, 4 & 5, if your B.A.C. was 0.15 or more, whether or not you reinstate soon, you must:

6. Register and finished Level II Alcohol Education and Therapy.

  • Include the Affidavit of Enrollment. (Overlook Item 2 above.)

7. Get an Interlock limited license for up to 2 years following reinstatement;

About a month after DMV gets all of these above documents, it can issue a letter of clearance and then you can apply for a new valid driver’s license with the help of a driver’s license lawyer.

The Pisani Law firm has some of the best DMV lawyers in Colorado and we can assist with your DMV issue promptly and professionally. Call us today for a free consultation.

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