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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani represents defendants at all stages of the criminal process for both misdemeanors and felonies. Mr. Pisani keeps his clients informed about the criminal process and what to expect going forward on their case. Understanding the criminal process can help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty of being charged with a crime.

Denver Traffic Ticket Defense

Denver Traffic Ticket Defense The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani effectively represent clients who have been charged with a traffic offense. Our attorneys can appear at court on a client's behalf, negotiate a reduction in points and fines, or set the matter for a final hearing.

Denver DUI Defense Attorney

Denver DUI Defense Attorney Our firm represents clients charged with DUI (Driving under the influence) & DWAI (driving while ability impaired). Don't just accept the fist offer from a prosecutor. A DUI can cost you much more than you may think.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Defense The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani represents individuals charged with domestic violence offenses.A variety of allegations can result in domestic violence charges, ranging from harassment, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and burglary to overt threats and assault.

Assault & Battery Defense

Assault & Battery Defense Denver Assault Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani represents clients charged with assault crimes. We will take advantage of every possible defense to best protect you and your name. You may have been defending yourself, but you were charged. You need an experienced defense attorney to present your side of the case.

Drug Possession Defense

Drug Possession Defense Criminal drug charges present a unique challenge for lawyers, judges and juries. A conviction for a drug related offense carries severe collateral consequences that may not be readily apparent at the time of your court hearing.

Shoplifting & Theft Defense

Shoplifting & Theft Defense Being charged with theft or shoplifting can have very serious consequences. A conviction on your record for a theft crime will impact your ability to get a job in the future.Our office will work to keep a theft conviction off of your record.

Weapons Charges Defense

Weapons Charges Defense The Second Amendment protects United States citizens' right to bear arms, however, these rights are constantly being restricted by Federal, State and local laws. Convictions for violations of these laws can have significant consequences in both the present and future. We can help.

Concealed Carry Laws in Colorado

Concealed Carry Laws in Colorado Gun rights attorney Steven J. Pisani can assist you in understanding Colorado concealed carry law as well as other provisions of Colorado's weapons statutes

Sealing of Records

Sealing of Records We all make mistakes. However, if you've ever made an unlawful mistake which brought you before a criminal court, then, depending on the type of criminal conviction or plea you received, you may be able to have this mistake sealed from the public view.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Juvenile Criminal Defense Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani represents defendants charged with Juvenile Law offenses in Colorado. Protect your child's future, don't let an early mistake haunt them forever. We can work to prevent any juvenile issues from hindering their goals.

Juvenile Expungement of Criminal Records

Juvenile Expungement of Criminal Records Our firm can help clients expunge juvenile records and keep their background checks clean. If you are applying to college or to a job, you may legally say that your juvenile case never happened if the court grants the petition to expunge the juvenile record.

Careless/Reckless Driving Defense

Careless/Reckless Driving Defense A charge of careless driving involves an allegation that a person drove a motor vehicle, bicycle, or motorized bicycle in a careless and imprudent manner. In Colorado, careless driving is a criminal misdemeanor traffic offense and is applicable to both driving on public roadways and private property.

DMV Hearing Defense

DMV Hearing Defense DMV Hearing Defense Attorney Steven J. Pisani can assist clients with most driver's license issues. These issues include a suspension or revocation of your driver's license, reinstatement of driving privileges and correcting errors to your driving record.

Colorado’s Express Consent Law

Colorado’s Express Consent Law Colorado‚Äôs Express Consent Law requires any driver to consent to a chemical test if a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person is driving under the influence or their ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired because of alcohol, drugs or both. Defendants charged with DUI generally have only 7 days to request a hearing to protect their driving privilege.

Colorado Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Colorado Criminal Sentencing Guidelines Click here to view charts on the Colorado Criminal Sentencing Guidelines for misdemeanor, felony and DUI offenses.