Schoolgirl’s Sketch Helps Nab Burglar

An 11-year old Connecticut girl doodled a suspicious man for cops. The likeliness led him to be charged with serial burglary. Rebeca DePietro saw Pedro Bruno wandering around her neighborhood during a series of break ins. When police arrives at her house, she was able to quickly sketch the burglar. “They asked me if I had seen anyone strange or who didn’t belong, and I said, ‘I can draw him for you!’” Instead of tossing the crudely drawn sketch, the cops took it seriously, forwarding copies to many other precincts. This drawing somehow led cops to Pedro Bruno, who was in custody for another burglary earlier this year. The police told him they had a sketch and a witness, and Pedro allegedly confessed to the crime. If Mr. Bruno saw the sketch or the doubted the officers who were interrogating him, he might have remained silent, but the officer’s bluff was enough. Stories like this go to show that every little piece of evidence can play a big part in even the most serious of cases. The Law Offices of Steven J. Pisani specialize in the field of Criminal Defense. Call out Denver Office today for a free consultation.

Cite: Chris Peres and Kevin Sheehan, The New York Post, 10/16/2015


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