The Juice to be let loose? O.J. Simpson faces parole hearing this week in Nevada

OJ Simpson is reportedly up for parole after nine years in prison for his role in a Las Vegas armed robbery. Simpson, who is 70 years old, could be out as soon as October 1, 2017 if the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners deems him ready. According to close friend Tom Scotto, Simpson’s plan if granted parole is to either move back to Florida and live with Scotto, or to move to Sacramento and live with his sister, Shirley Baker.  Scotto claims that Simpson is “very positive” about his parole chances, and that the former NFL running back still has money despite the $2-3 million in legal fees he faced from the 2008 case. OJ has also reportedly lost around 70 pounds since his first parole hearing in 2013, and has had no behavioral issues or writeups while incarcerated in the Las Vegas prison. He has also spent his time watching NFL games and coaching softball, and even started a Baptist church within the prison. Hopefully Simpson’s good behavior continues outside of prison if he is granted parole, as his history with the law is not one to be proud of. If he sticks to playing golf and keeping his head low, maybe he can live out the rest of his life in peace. That is not to say that Parole is easy. Mr. Simpson would still potentially be monitored, have regular check-ins and could go back to prison if he violates the terms of the parole.

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USA Today Sports, Josh Peter, 7/17/2017


Sessions: Softened approach to drug enforcement led to surge in drug abuse and violent crime

In a recent letter sent to and published by The Washington Post, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions elaborated upon his plan to be tougher on drugs and drug offenders. Sessions blamed the United States’ supposedly rising rate in violent crime on the Justice Department’s increasingly relaxed approach to drug offenders and offenses. According to Sessions, drug prosecutions have decreased from 2011 to 2016 by 23 percent, while the average sentence for a convicted drug offender has decreased 18 percent from 2009 to 2016. This is what he believes is causing the “disturbing trend that could reverse decades of progress,” as violent crime is rising across the country. This rise in violent crime has made Sessions issue a memorandum to all federal prosecutors in which he authorizes prosecutors to charge offenses “as Congress intended.” This memorandum is supposed to allow prosecutors to apply the laws fairly while still exercising discretion, yet seems like it is meant more to punish minor drug offenders and minorities. Sessions’ misguided efforts are due to his fear of this “crime surge” being an ongoing trend in America, and apparently this policy will improve minority neighborhoods and communities that are “disproportionately impacted by violent drug trafficking.” Yet, Sessions does not seem to want to address the root cause of the oppression faced by minority communities, and is instead content attacking minor drug offenders and users who he claims are “infecting their communities.” Jeff Sessions and his “time-tested policy” are supposed to help, but will end up punishing small-time drug users as the United States punitive policies once again become the focus of our justice system. Steven J. Pisani is a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, Denver DUI Lawyer and Denver Criminal Defense Attorney.


The Cannabist, Jeff Sessions, June 19, 2017

Fear of Guantanamo prisoners coming to mainland U.S.A.

Republican leaders have blocked the closing of the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba because they do not want terrorists held on United States Soil. In fact, there are already 443 convicted terrorists on U.S. Soil, far more than the 89 who remain in Cuba. The supermax in Florence, Colorado actually holds the largest number of terrorists in the nation at 44. Supermax is located 100 miles south of Denver and holds a member of Al Qaeda involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks as well as one of the Boston Marathon Bombers. The shoe bomber and underwear bomber are also being held at supermax. There are many reasons to close Guantanamo. For one, the torture techniques used there are a stain on the virtuous reputation of the United States as a whole. Second, it shows a weakness in our moral fabric in that we are unwilling to give those kept in Cuba due process. If we cannot even fulfill an individual’s right to due process, regardless of their alleged actions, are we really any different than the barbarians we have imprisoned? It is unjust to let that fear cloud our judgment and cause us to give up our ideals of due process.

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Cite: Hannah Fairfield and Tim Wallace, The New York Times, 4/7/2016

Silk Road Founder Sentenced to Life in Priso

Ross Ulbricht, 31, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for his part in founding a running the notorious online drug bazaar the Silk Road. Ulbricht and his lawyer argued the website was an “experiment” that was taking a stand on the harsh and often hypocritical U.S. drug laws. The judge did not buy this argument and instead decided to make an example of Ulbricht to deter others from founding similar websites. The judge could have sentenced Ulbricht to as few as 20 years behind bars but instead applied the maximum penalty, life in prison. Mr. Ulbricht’s lawyers are determining whether there will be any type of appeal of the sentence.

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Cite: Dareh Gregorian, New York Daily News, May 29, 2015


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